Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lovebox Sunday 2011

"Doing away with the tribal boundaries of music genres and defying broader social conventions, Lovebox is now a swelling and unifying three day hedonistic wonderland that contains just as much lust as it does love" SUBBA CULTCHA

Eight years old, Lovebox has become a must do event on the bristling summer social calendar. Held annually in East London in the city's oldest public park, Lovebox is a flamboyant and dazzlingly eclectic celebration. Last year I had a blast attending and this year, on the Sunday (always my favorite day of the festival!) I DJ'd for Jodie Harsh's This Is Circus, for which I'm a resident. I had a great time DJing and really enjoyed the rest of the day. Highlights for me included the colorful performance by Azari & III, their mix of deep-house and soul getting the crowd going early, Kelis' energetic set and of course everything Circus-related! See you next year Lovebox!

Myself with Jodie Harsh, DJing for This Is Circus

Azari & III take to the stage

Cedric from Azari & III shares his tequila

Backstage with Beth Ditto

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