Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nan Goldin - Fireleap

There's something instantly nostalgic about Nan Goldin's photography for me, an ethereal quality mixed with a rawness of truth in capturing fleeting moments of intimacy. This latest exhibition at the Sprovieri gallery in London showcases her new slideshow, titled Fireleap, which focuses on children, capturing the nuances of childhood interaction and behavior; a consciousness uninhibited in the face of societal boundaries, free yet alienated. The slideshow photos span from 1978 to today, shown over a soundtrack of songs sung by children, including Spacy Oddity by David Bowie (which you can hear below), with a short running time of 15 minutes in total. There are also a number of landscape photographs on view as well, which have never previously been shared. It's a small exhibition but one that's definitely worth having a look at.

Fireleap is showing until August 6th at Sprovieri, 23 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BQ, and entry is free.

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