Friday, 25 March 2011

Bacchus at Proud2

I DJ'd at the newly launched Proud2 at the O2 two weeks ago. The club used to be known as Matter but has been given a £million refurbishment and a new name. It looks like a Vegas club now with multiple floors, lots of red drapes and fabrics and a comfy VIP area that definitely has a kitsch OTT Las Vegas casino/hotel vibe to it. It's fun and the new line-ups are geared towards mass entertainment and the events aren't expensive either. I DJ'd for Bacchus with Mr. Hudson, who played a very enjoyable upbeat commercial set, below you can see a video of me on the decks. Bacchus is held every Saturday at Proud2 and you can see more information on the venue itself on their official website.


  1. o dear...
    another laptop dj.

  2. I'm going to marry that man (Mr Hudson), I just know it !

  3. Actually I mostly DJ with CDs but for this particular gig I had my laptop with me, personal choice. I do think DJs should be able to spin vinyls and CDs even if they stick to a laptop for gigs, it's like playing guitar; if you're a whiz on the electric but you can't handle the strings cleanly on an acoustic then that's no good. Laptops aren't anything to be looked down on in my opinion, you can't stop advances in technology changing roles in society so it's important to keep up with it.