Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Diamonds - Rihanna (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Thanks to everyone who's been sharing my latest remix, it's now got over 200,000 views on YouTube! Here are what some of the blogs have been saying, and in case you missed it here are some links to the YouTube upload and the download on Soundcloud.

"With a dash of synth sparkle and an alluring moombahton gallop underlining, his “nu disco” makeover proves that sometimes a subtle tweak is all that’s needed to bring about the best remixes." - Mixtape Maestro

"We’re quite partial to an Erol Sabadosh remix and this one is Nu Discotastic!! This remix adds a twist of joy to the original that you should be getting your audio fix of." - Your Music Radar

"The track sounds like a deep house take on moombahton with Rihanna’s vocals over the top. Its sexy and cool but still danceable." - Surviving The Golden Age

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