Saturday, 4 February 2012


I've just unleashed my new music project online and I'd like to share a post on my blog introducing everyone to what I'm doing. Basically, I will be releasing solo material under the name LORE. All music will be written, performed and produced by myself and released independent of any label or other entity. LORE will be an exploration of myth, a simultaneous celebration, subversion and re-appropriation of tradition, genre and expectation. In other words I will be ripping off so many different sources at once in the hopes that the result might sound fresh to exhausted ears. Seriously though, in a climate of lies, desperate economy and constant pandering I just want to make something truthful and honest without worrying what people will think. I'm sitting on about four years of unreleased material that I am now going to start trickling online, and here is the first taste in the form of a no-budget music video made by myself and friends that you can watch on Youtube and an MP3 that you can stream and download for free from Soundcloud, with more to come very soon:

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