Wednesday, 7 December 2011

OnePiece UK Launch Party at Shoreditch House

OnePiece had their official UK launch party at Shoreditch House on Monday, with my friends Natt Weller, Jesse Burgess & Fin Munro DJing. I went along for some rooftop fun and to pick up a free OnePiece of my own! The UK store has opened across the street as part of BoxPark, the world's first pop-up mall. At £120 these OnePieces certainly ain't cheap but according to their press pack, which I had a little flick through, everyone's wearing them! And by everyone I mean Justin Beiber and an endless array of minor celebrities. If you want to see what Perez Hilton looks like wearing a Onesy then click HERE to see the press pack for yourself.

Thanks for the gift OnePiece, it's been keeping us snug and lazy. Here are some photos I took at the party:

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