Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bungalow 8 London Closing Party with Kavinsky

Last night Bungalow 8 closed it's doors and waved goodbye to the London club scene after four years of wild times underneath St. Marten's Lane Hotel, but not before one big send-off with special guest DJ Kavinsky.

I went along last night to give Amy Sacco a big hug and pay my respects to a club that's been very dear to me in the past. Not only was I a resident DJ for a good length of time, but I have some extremely unforgettable memories of that place. The first time I ever DJ'd there was for a Vivienne Westwood after party, I forget which season, attended by the likes of Kate Moss and the Dame herself. Since then I've had some pretty amazing times there, meeting Jay-Z, hanging out with Solange and singing along to Animal Collective to a bemused group of onlookers, witnessing fights with Lindsay Lohan and friends of mine, dancing to an all-hip hop DJ set by Chromeo, overhearing Matt LeBlanc spouting his catchphrases from Friends, DJing with Idris Elba and Black Eyed Peas, ordering twenty shots in one go for three people with Kelly Osbourne and attending countless fashion, film and music related afterparties, not to mention having a riot with B8 brainchild Amy Sacco, the Courtney to my Kurt. I sure hope that B8 re-opens in another location, and I'm also looking forward to the re-opening of B8 New York next year.

Check out some photos from last night, Kavinsky played a killer set opening with his hit Nightcall which was featured in the critically-acclaimed action-drama Drive while bartenders climbed onto the bar and poured alcohol into gaping mouths amongst the crowd:


  1. Do you know what's going to be opened there next?

  2. Woah, that's a whole lot of namedropping...