Monday, 8 August 2011

Azari & III at Shoreditch House

Last night Azari & III DJ'd at Shoreditch House and played a short live set which included crowd favorites Reckless With Your Love, Hungry For The Power and brand new single Manic. Check out my photos from the event, my live recording of Manic (sorry the sound isn't better quality!) and the official video for the song further below!

The Men Who Fell To Earth DJs warming up

Azari & III take to the stage

Larry Tee & myself chilling by the pool

It was too cold for a swim

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1 comment:

  1. Best album to come out of 2011! "Under and Over It" and "The Pride" are my favorite tracks, but they're all worthy of the #1 spot because of their originality and the uniqueness of the Five Finger Death Punch sound. They're in a genre all their own with this album! If you're a Knucklehead or want to hear something original and relevant to American Capitalism today, this album is for you!!