Saturday, 26 May 2012

2 Days in New York

I should have posted about this sooner but I've been incredibly busy, anyway, I went to the London premiere of Two Days in New York, Julie Delpy's latest film and the sequel to her previous feature Two Days in Paris and wanted to share my thoughts. Delpy and co-star Chris Rock were both in attendance for the press and Delpy also introduced the film and participated in an informative and witty Q&A afterward.

The film itself was very enjoyable, a brilliant blend of neurotic comedy and classic farce. The story sees Delpy's character Marion from Two Days in Paris now divorced and living with new boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock). When her French father and sister visit the situation causes a strain on the couple's relationship and brings out Marion's neuroses in full force. While the characters are quite caricatured and the plot very basic you can't help but enjoy its simple charm and assured execution. There are some unapologetically cringe-worthy culture clash moments that are truly hilarious and Delpy really knows how to keep the material fresh and provocative without being too crass or off putting. It's also very refreshing to see an interracial couple at the centre of a domestic family comedy, as this is certainly rare. When probed about this during the Q&A Delpy downplayed the intention of this, explaining that it wasn't a key element of the storyline and that her choice to cast Chris Rock was simply due to her admiration of his work but nonetheless I think it's a positive and praise-worthy aspect. Rock lends his character a more grounded humanity which pits him as the voice of reason amidst a sea of neurosis and madness, he is the rational force that highlights the absurdity of the scenarios that escalate beyond his control and playing off of this Delpy shines.

If you're a fan of Delpy's previous directorial efforts, especially Two Days in Paris, then you will no doubt enjoy this and if you're just looking for a smart adult comedy then you could do a lot worse than Two Days in New York. It's worth the price of admission alone for the surprise cameo in the third act which had me in stitches! Check out the trailer below and a brief interview with the stars as well as some Chris Rock stand-up:

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