Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Bloc Party Easter, A Weekend in the City

On Saturday I met up with my friend Marcus and we went to see Bloc Party with our friend Mel.. The gig was at the Olympia, which is 10,000 capacity, all standing. We arrived just as about ten members of Kele's family walked in. Mel took us backstage and we watched the set from the balcony. We also drank an excessive amount of alcohol. Mel had a video recording device with her that she was assigned to use to record footage for their website or something, and so she filmed me dancing around like a maniac, singing along and jumping on Marcus. This was the first time me or Marcus had seen them live and we were both impressed. They played two encores to rapturous applause, although Matt made a dig at the Arctic Monkeys that didn't go down well with some of the crowd.

After the show we went to the afterparty and
danced to Kele's short DJ set, which featured the great anthems Single Ladies and I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Remi Weekes on Myspace

We decided to go and see the band play again on Sunday.

The band performed even better that day in my opinion, and I preferred the set list. For the encore Kele emerged on stage wearing an Easter Bunny costume. As with Saturday night they closed the set with Flux. We went down to the dressing rooms again and mingled. Kele began to eat a rather large Sunday roast and
Miquitta Oliver was jumping around and making a lot of noise. We passed around and ate a chocolate Easter egg. The band have recorded a new single, something that isn't on Intimacy, and apparently it's very good and they're going to release it soon.

Bloc Party - Idea For A Story

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